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5 Secrets of Successful Content Marketing Companies

As the landscape of business changes on a daily basis, the importance of your brand’s online presence only grows. With the shift towards eCommerce, content marketing companies are being sought out to help market businesses. Here are 5 tips that content marketing companies like Zen Agency use.

5 Secrets Successful Content Marketing Companies Use

Create a Buyer Persona for Your Target Demographic

Whether you’re selling a product or service, tailoring your message to your target audience is crucial to your success. So you can understand who this target is, content marketing companies believe that it helps to create a buyer persona.

You can set these details based on some very basic data. How old are they? What income bracket do they fall in? Where do they live? There’s plenty of data points you are able to use to segment your target market and find the right niche. Once you find it, you are able to create content designed to engage with your target market.

Content Marketing Companies Create Strategies

According to Forbes, 63% of businesses don’t have a content strategy. Now that you have identified who you’re selling to, it’s time to plan. Where are you going to invest the most time & resources into creating content?

It’s also important to set benchmarks for your strategy. This is done in the form of implementing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). When assessing the effectiveness of your strategy, it’s important to keep coming back to these KPIs. As important as it is to form a strategy, you need to continue adapting this.

Build an Influencer Network

The viral post is something most content marketing companies are constantly chasing. However, going viral is more strategic nowadays.

In order to achieve this, content marketing companies are often connecting with social media influencers building relationships with them. By building a relationship with influencers, we can get them to be integral parts of the initial posting.

For example, let’s say you’re scheduling the latest video ad campaign to go out at 3 PM on Wednesday. Be sure you have your influencers scheduled to share the post on their feed within the first day of the post (preferably first few hours after posting). It’s good because it organically exposes their followers to your content.

Embracing Marketing Automation

The successful content marketing companies will always find ways to connect their brands with pop culture. This is done in ways such as live tweeting events like the Super Bowl or during live showings of Game of Thrones. While this is good in specific cases, there are more cost-effective options during the week.

Marketing Automation technology allows you to facilitate your content management in one easy manner. Schedule your posting, where it goes, and see analytics results all in one place.

Continually Adapt

The world is ever changing. As the world changes, so does the marketing tactics. The most successful content marketing companies continue to learn, adapt, and master their wide range of tactics so they can push content out. For more options, check out this blog describing content marketing and getting started on it.

Utilizing a successful content marketing company such as Zen Agency will help you keep ahead of the game in your marketing and strategy. For more information, contact us so one of our solutions specialists can provide options.

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