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SEO Product Description Guide

With the growth of eCommerce, business is taking place online now more than ever. For your online store, it’s important to stand out above the crowd. Search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to properly target your niche with what they are searching for. Let’s show you how the top eCommerce sites do this in our SEO Product Description Guide.

The Zen Agency SEO Product Description Guide

Avoid Duplicating Content

The biggest SEO pitfall most companies fall into is using duplicate content. If you sell the same items other companies do, it’s easy to copy & paste their description into yours. However, Google does not like this.

In the link, Google suggests duplicate content appearing on multiple sites affects the ranking of your website in the index. They reserve the right to even remove your site from search results. Keeping this in mind, don’t affect the integrity of your business to save a couple of bucks.

Take the Time to SEO Product Descriptions

Whether you’re moving thousands of products or you only have three products, you will benefit from great copywriting. Your products and services have unique value to your customers differentiating them from the competition. The difference between an SEO product description and one that has not been SEO’d is costly.

Let’s use the Pink Suede Adidas VL Court 2.0 Women’s Sneakers I’ve attached above. Incorporating more details about the product sets it apart from the crowd even though it’s the same thing. We’ll elaborate further on this.

Understand What You’re Selling

In order to understand how to sell your product, you must understand what your USP (unique selling proposition) is. Using these shoes as an example, many stores sell that same exact shoe. Why should someone buy shoes from you rather than Adidas?

There is always a reason which differentiates your product from the competition even if you can’t see it immediately. It takes skilled copywriting in order to figure this out. But once you do, you’ll be able to begin writing your SEO product descriptions.

Know Who You’re Selling To

Now that you know what you’re selling, it’s time to craft a message engaging to who you’re selling the product to. You may be offering the same product and service as your competitors but to different target markets.

I recently went sneaker shopping with my Dad. We both bought the same exact pair of Nike Air Monarchs, yet we bought them for different reasons. They caught my eye in the store window so I tried them on. He tried them on because I thought he’d think they were comfortable. We were buying the same exact thing, but for different reasons.

There are age and socioeconomic qualifiers here for sure, but once you know who you’re selling to, you can tailor the description to their wants.

Research What Customers Are Looking For

Once you have an idea of what your product actually is, you’ll know who’d benefit the most from it. This would involve doing some keyword research. For more information on keyword research, check out this blog we wrote detailing SEO practices. When incorporating keyword research into your SEO product description, it’s important to be as elaborate as possible.

To get back to the pink shoes example, companies make shoes using all sorts of materials. Trying to target such a broad keyword such as pink shoes will have more searches, but the intent behind the search has to be considered. When you target your keywords to something like pink suede Adidas shoes, you’ll have fewer people searching for the item but a higher likelihood that someone will buy them.

Tailor Your Copy Around This

With all of these thoughts in mind, now you are ready to write and get selling. But if you’re looking to hire a copywriter, Zen Agency’s SEO services are available. Feel free to contact us. Whether you’re a large organization with hundreds of employees, or you’re an E-commerce store looking to boost sales, our SEO team can help you reach all of your goals.

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