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5 Strategies for Effective Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization, SEO, search engine marketing, search marketing – all these terms mean very similar things.  However, what you may or may not know is how it works.

To be truthful, most SEO companies will tell you increasing your rankings in the search engines is not all that difficult – and this is true.  But, the catch is that it’s very time-consuming.  Once you master a successful strategy, however, search engine marketing helps you become substantially more profitable.

Five Timeless SEO Strategies to Keep in Mind

Now we’re talking about the tricky part! SEO Takes a little bit of strategy, a basic understanding of data analysis, and a lot of tweaking. But there are a few basic strategies you can implement to make those pages rise in the search engines.

Here are five timeless strategies search engine optimization firms use to help market your company’s products and services online:


Content Marketing

You know what they say about content? It’s the king, of course! But a certain type of content. Sales hype and sales pages are quickly going by the wayside on the internet. Nowadays, the new way to sell involves writing meaningful content for your targeted audience. Your audience slowly begins to get to know, like, and trust you. As these three factors grow, your audience begins to purchase from you. Sales is a long-term game online.

The thing about content for SEO is you have to write it your audience, not for the search engines. Most search engine marketing companies forget this simple rule. They stuff keywords into every paragraph in hopes to rank higher and higher. But Google has become smarter over the years and now rewards those who write for the user and not for the rankings.

Not a good writer? No worries, we got you covered.

Constant Research

Google’s algorithm is always changing. The search giant makes tweaks and changes approximately 500 to 600 times a year, from the slightest tweak to something that disrupts the marketing. As a search engine marketer, you need to keep up to date with each update.

That’s not all! You have to:

  • Watch your keyword positioning to make sure there are no dramatic drops
  • Keep an eye on your competitors to see what they’re doing — and what you could be doing better
  • Analyze the website’s data to learn your users’ behaviors and know what needs improvement

On-Page Optimization

Titles, meta descriptions, long-tail keywords…they all play an important part in your search engine marketing strategy. By making even the slightest change in your content, you can see your site rise further and further in the rankings. And don’t forget about the speed! A speedy website goes much further than a slow one.

Internal Linking

Speaking of on-page optimization, you need an internal linking strategy to help your user navigate your website with ease. An experienced web marketer will help you make decisions on what pages to link to.  Google also views these pages as more important than the rest, and these pages will rank higher in its rankings than others.


Backlinks are the icing on your SEO cake.  Backlinks help improve the trustworthiness of your website. It signals to the search engines that your site is an authority on a certain matter. But watch out! Not all websites are trustworthy, which means links from those sites can cause more damage than good.  Compiling a database of trusted websites takes extensive amounts of time and patience.


That’s Not All to Search Engine Optimization, Folks!

These aren’t the only strategies for web marketing, but they cover the most often used and most effective strategies for maximizing your rank.  An experienced SEO expert helps you go through every last detail so you achieve optimum rank.

But hey, at least you know more about how the process works.  If someone asks you, then you can share with him or her some of the basics.

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