How to Substantially Increase Your Email Signups

One of the most reliable ways that an email campaign can gain traction is to have a lot of subscribers. If you don’t have subscribers, it’s hard for an email campaign to gain success—this is why marketers are obsessed with their opt-in rates and the total amount of subscribers that they have in their list.

This is also something that many struggle with. Small businesses are having a tough time converting their site visitors into subscribers. And not only that, the people that they may have opting in to their list are not truly quality subscribers, which is what they should be after.

It’s not an impossible task, though. This blog post will cover what many other businesses have done to successfully build their email list. This blog post assumes that you generally follow our advice about having good content, as that’s the main impetus for someone signing up to your list. We’re going to discuss strategies to increase your email subscribers. As you’ll see, many of these tips involve increasing the opportunities for people to sign up.

Make it easy for people to sign up

Don’t add obstacles where there doesn’t need to be any. Make it easy for people to see your opt in form and sign up. Many businesses have their opt-in forms on their home page only, which is fine, but you need to increase the amount of times someone sees your opt-in form. It’s better to place it on the sidebar of every page of the sight, along with the homepage. Whenever someone reads a blog post, add a call-to-action that encourages them to sign up to your exclusive email list or newsletter.

Use pop-ups

While they are thought to be obnoxious and intrusive, pop-ups are excellent for increasing your list. Most likely, if you asked your site visitors and users if they like pop-up light boxes that ask for their email, they would probably tell you “no”. But the numbers have consistently told a different story. Pop-ups have proven to increase subscribers, while not really affecting bounce rates. It’s true that some people have a slight disdain for pop-up ads, but many don’t; try using different types of pop-ups to see if you grab more emails.

There are different types of pops-up that you can use. With WPMUDEV’s Pop-Up Pro plugin, you can set how and when your pop-up appears, based on the amount of time someone has been you’re your site or the areas of your websites that are getting clicked on. You can also make the pop-up only appear for certain web visitors—for example, people who have logged out or if they came from a certain traffic source.

Pop-ups, if used intelligently, can be a great addition to your email marketing campaign. Don’t over o them; avoid having a pop-up appear every 10 seconds. You can set them up so that you can use them only when necessary.

Encourage your email subscribers to spread the word

Enlist the help of your email subscribers. Tell them to forward your email content to their social circles. When doing this, ensure that there is a way for someone to easily sign up to your email list– incorporate call-to-action somewhere in the content for that person to sign up. That CTA could be a link to an opt-in form.

Of course, when doing this, there needs to be one thing: Good content. Let’s say that you have a newsletter, and you want people to forward it to their own email contacts. If you don’t have a good content in that newsletter, they will be reluctant to share anything at all. You’ll be fighting an uphill battle. If there is good content in that newsletter, then you can feel confident that people will feel compelled to share that newsletter.

Start getting proactive about your list

There is no magic bullet, or one cure-all for building a substantial email list. At best, it’s a combination of tested practices and tactics that really bring the results that you want to see. We encourage you to try out these tactics for yourself, and see what actually sticks and grows your list.

Joseph Riviello

Looking for a seasoned WooCommerce expert and digital marketing strategist with an unwavering dedication to client success? Meet Joe Riviello, the CEO of Zen Agency, with over 22 years of experience helping e-commerce businesses scale through holistic marketing strategies. Joe Riviello is a seasoned WooCommerce expert, digital marketing strategist, and CEO of Zen Agency with over 22 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. He is a passionate business development professional committed to helping businesses reach their full potential through various holistic digital marketing strategies. Joe's expertise lies in creating a seamless user experience for customers while delivering strong business results. He has worked with several high-profile clients across various industries, including retail, healthcare, and finance, helping them achieve their business goals through digital marketing solutions. Joe's journey to becoming a CEO started with his passion for technology and user experience design. He has always been interested in how technology can solve business challenges and improve customer experiences. Throughout his career, he has focused on creating e-commerce websites and digital marketing campaigns that provide an exceptional user experience while delivering strong business results. As the CEO of Zen Agency, Joe is responsible for leading the agency's strategic direction and ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of service. He is a natural leader who inspires and motivates his team to achieve their goals and deliver exceptional results for clients. Joe is a recognized industry leader and has spoken at several conferences on topics related to digital marketing, user experience design, and business strategy. He passionately advocates for data-driven marketing and believes that every business, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from a holistic digital marketing strategy.

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