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2013 was completely brilliant for web design and web development. In recent months, there have been huge strides in this field. According to experts, webmasters will continue to focus on many different web development trends. In this post, we’ve discussed some important trends which will be used this year.

Extra Focus on Content

Every website developer needs to focus on content while building a website. Most of the popular search engines like Google emphasize high quality and stronger content to evaluate your blogs, articles, and web pages. Content on a website needs to meet certain standards. For this year’s web development trends, there will be extra focus on content.

In addition to this, web developers will also focus on in-depth articles, social signals, semantic search keywords, and other such factors to generate more traffic on a website. This will also improve a website’s rank. Content should be easily accessible on different platforms. Moreover, it should be easily readable and searched by popular search engines.

Simplistic Web Design

While creating readable and accessible content, you should even focus on simplistic web design. A website should be able to utilize responsive designs to make web pages easily accessible from every device around the world. Due to this, accessibility, user interface, usability, and visual design will play a very important role this year. In the near future, users should be able to navigate websites on all kinds of devices.

User-Centered Design

Web development trends will also focus on what users want in a website. Ideally, a website must include all kinds of content, resources, authoritative links, video, and images that are accessible from any device.

The user experience should be considered an extension of how a specific brand interacts with the audience. When it’s quite easy to access information, blog, product information, profile, and social media content, a website has a better standing and generates more traffic. This also leads to a higher conversion rate and increases sales.

Application Interfaces

In the last few years, desktop websites have been rapidly transforming. Webmasters are choosing imitation application style website design to make it easier for users to look for information. This is a very responsive design and offers numerous benefits. However, some webmasters will still be skeptical about this.

Single Page Design

Web development trends have been focusing on responsive designs utilizing a single page while unifying both mobile and desktop versions into a single website. Since people want to access websites from multiple devices, webmasters will focus on this trend. The use of adaptive design is going to decline next year.

More Purpose, Less Decoration

As mentioned earlier, web design trends are becoming more simplistic. In the coming months, web design will include app-style interfaces, flat colors, design-focused typography, and other such features. Responsive images and scalable elements will also be important. Images and elements will also be optimized for faster Internet connections and retina displays. Web developers will also have to consider high-resolution screens while designing websites.

These were some web development trends that will be prevalent this year. With these trends, simplicity, responsive design, and mobile design will play a very important role.

Joseph Riviello

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