The 6 Best WooCommerce Checkout Plugins That Will Increase Sales

The checkout is the last, and arguably most significant, stage in the buying process. It’s also where many online operations fumble the ball. Checkout issues will abruptly stop sales, frustrate customers, and will hurt your brand in the long-term. This is why your checkout process should be impeccably smooth. WooCommerce, WordPress’ best ecommerce platform, has made it easy to improve the checkout process with a few outstanding plugins.

  1. WooCommerce One-Page Checkout
Single Product Template with Variation Select Boxes
Single Product Template with Variation Select Boxes

Price: $79-$179

When it comes time to checkout, the process needs to be fast. This allows customers to quickly fulfill their desire to make a purchase before a distraction interrupts them, or they change their mind, or they get frustrated. The WooCommerce One-Page Checkout plugin capitalizes on your customers’ preference for speed. The plugin allows you to create product pages where a customer can both add a product to their cart and checkout on the same page. The plugin includes a few built-in templates, like a pricing or a pricing list. You can also build your own page if you don’t want to use the templates that they have available.


  1. WooCommerce Checkout Editor

WooCommerce-Checkout-Field-Editor-Price: $49-$149

Do you want to add, remove or edit fields on your checkout page? This plugin allows you to easily do that. You’ll be able to edit the Billing, Shipping and Additional Fields, and you’ll also have the option to add a custom field to the page.

  1. WooCommerce Direct Checkout

direct-checkoutPrice: Free

In the same vein as the One-Page Checkout plugin, the WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin aims to simplify the buying process for the customer. With this plugin, the shopping cart page is skipped. An “Add to Cart” button is added to each plugin, and customers are taken directly to the checkout page. Minimizing the steps in the checkout process is a proven way to boost sales, and this plugin easily allows you to do it.

  1. WooCommerce Checkout for Digital Goods

WooCommerce Checkout for Digital GoodsPrice: $7

One of the main problems with the online checkout process is the requirement to fill out what’s often considered as unnecessary information. For example, if you’re selling a digital product, you don’t really need to acquire physical addresses. This plugin allows you to remove the unnecessary information from the checkout page.

  1. WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

woocomerce-checkout-add-ons-heroPrice: $49-$149

If you want to give customers the option to add special items to their order, this is the perfect plugin that can do it. For example, let’s say that you’re selling flower arrangements. You can add the option for the customer to add a personalized card or message with the order. This option could be a paid or free addition. This is a great way to make your products more valuable, and it can also boost your revenue.

  1. WooCommerce Checkout Form Progress Bar

progress-bar-checkoutPrice: $17

Customers can get impatient. There are so many companies bloating the checkout process by requesting unnecessary information, and customers have gotten weary of it. Customers need to be assured of where they are on the checkout process, as it helps to disarm their impatience and frustration. This plugin is the perfect tool to do that. It visually displays where the customer is at during the checkout process. With this, customers aren’t in the dark about the checkout progress.

These six plugins make your checkout process faster and stronger. Integrate them into your WooCommerce store today to reduce cart abandonments and capture more sales.

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