Twitter Lead Generation Secrets the Pros Use

People underestimate Twitter. Businesses see it as a customer service or a branding tool, which is an accurate application of it, but it’s limiting. Twitter is a versatile platform, and is one of the best tools can use for lead generation– the majority of businesses don’t really know it yet.

Let’s look at some ways to take advantage of the Twitter Lead Generation strategies.

You Need a Strong Base of Followers

followersYour followers are the incredibly important first step in this Twitter lead generation strategy. The followers will be the first to see your tweets, and if they are not targeted for relevancy, then you’re basically wasting your time reading this blog post. You need followers who are interested in your market and are likely to become customers of yours. If you’re marketing to untargeted and uninterested people, you cannot possibly expect to get good results. If you have a bunch of random accounts following you, then it’s time to begin cleaning and revamping your follower base. It’s for the best.

You Need an Offer

With Twitter lead generation, you are essentially reeling people into your funnel. To do this successfully, you need an enticing offer. You want to direct people to an online signup form where they give you their email address, phone number or any other contact information in exchange for something valuable. To compel people to sign up for your offer, you’ll need a strong call-to-action (CTA). Here’s an example of a CTA:

Click here to receive our free weight loss diet plan

Obviously, you will want to have tweets that push your offer. We’ll consider these as Twitter lead generation based tweets. These tweets’ sole purpose is to get someone to sign up for your offer.

But beyond that, you should start placing your CTA’s in your bio section. When someone clicks on your profile, your bio is one of the first things that they’ll see. The bio section is criminally overlooked, but it is extremely useful.

Periodically you should send out lead gen tweets. This is not something that you should overdo, as people don’t really like too many sales-centric tweets. Here are some tips for creating these tweets:

  • Keep it short
  • Have a very clear CTA
  • Don’t have too many hashtags
  • Have one link

You need Promoted Tweets

What are Promoted Tweets? These are tweets that are paid to appear in someone’s Twitter feed. You can decide who sees these ads based on demographic targeting.

You can target followers of a certain username. This will allow you to target people who are relevant to your business. Find Twitter profiles that are related to your market and target the followers of those accounts. To do this, use the Interests and Followers filter. You can target based on keywords in the timeline, and you can target people based on their gender and location.

With Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, you only pay when someone retweets, favorites, clicks on a link or replies.

You also have the Promoted Accounts and Promoted Trends. The Promoted Accounts option will suggest your profile for people to follow. The Promoted Trends option will suggest your hashtag to users. These are both good for building your follower list but are not as effective when it comes to Twitter lead generation.


Don’t overlook the benefits of Twitter lead generation. Use these tips as a guideline. Get in on it early and reap the rewards.

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