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How to Sell Products in Batches With WooCommerce

Selling products in batches has been a common practice for as long as items have been sold. But it’s something that many ecommerce stores fail to utilize. In this blog post, well discuss why you should sell products in batches, and how to go about doing it with WooCommerce.

Look at it like this: There are many products that should be sold in batches. Think of products like food, sporting goods, etc. Think of products that don’t have longevity and have a low cost per unit. These are the products that can be reasonably sold in batches.

There are 2 ways to do it.

  1. Product Variations

This option is the most simple of the two, since it does not require installing any plugin.

It is based on creating variations of the product we want to sell in batches.

Variations will be used to define the size of the lot and each variation must assign the price for that lot.

The first thing to do is create a new attribute with the name “Lot Size” (this is just a suggestion, you can use another name if you want) and then assign values to that attribute. For example: 5 units, 10 units, 20 units and 50 units, etc.
Next, assign different prices for each attribute. For example:

  • 1 unit- $6
  • 5 units- $25
  • 10 units- $45
  • 20 units- $85
  • 50 units- $190

In this example, the larger the batch, the larger the discount is for the customer. This is powerful because the customer can get a better deal (increasing the chance that they’ll buy), they’ll be more satisfied, and you can sell more product (and if the product has a low production cost per unit, you lose out on very little if you offer a discount).

  1. Use The WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantities Plugin

The WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantities plugin allows you to create very simple rules to restrict the number of units of product that a customer can add to cart at once.
Basically, it can define mandatory minimum and maximum units that can be added to that cart. So, for example, let’s say that you want the minimum amount to be 10 and the maximum to be 50 (the variations have to be multiples of 10).
The plugin also allows you to set custom settings to apply different rules based on batch sizes, product categories, product labels or user roles.

You can create new rules from the Quantity Rules> Add New section.

Another thing you can also do is define a single configuration of lots for the entire store from the Quantity Rules> Advanced Rules section and checking the Activate Site Wide Rules Option. Site wide rules will apply to every product on the site. So if you want to set up bulk purchases for all of the products on the site, choose this option.

In short, with this plugin you have everything you need to start selling products in batches. In fact, depending on your needs, this plugin may be the better option than simply setting up product variations.
Whatever option you choose, I sincerely believe you should spend at least some time analyzing your product catalog and detect those products that can be sold in batches. Not only to facilitate the purchase to the customer, but also to raise the average amount that’s spent per cart.

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