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5 Inbound Marketing Agency Secrets for Quality Leads

The main point of business is to make money. How can you generate revenue without constantly receiving an influx of leads? Surely it’s important to retain your customers. As you will see soon finding more new, quality, targeted leads will keep your business thriving. Here are some tips for generating quality leads from an inbound marketing agency.

Inbound Marketing Agency Quality Lead Gen Secrets

  1. Knowing Your Customer = Knowing Where They’ll Be:

    The first step an inbound marketing agency does when forming a marketing plan is easy yet very important. You should know your products/services, what makes them unique, and who you’re targeting.

    As soon as you understand this, you’ll know where your customers are consuming content. For example: if you’re selling makeup and beauty products online to teens, your target market is probably watching makeup tutorial videos on YouTube or Instagram.

    There are many different platform-specific strategies to adopt here (such as Twitter). Yet now that we’ve seen where the content would perform best, it’s time to find out what to post.

  2. Provide Valuable Content Consumers Want:

    According to Forbes, Americans are bombarded with between 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. The important question is how many of those do you remember? As an inbound marketing agency, we’ve seen what happens when they’re successful. But that’s just the thing; how can your content truly stand out in this competitive space?

  3. Tailor Your Content Marketing Around Their Needs:

    Using your content as a way to provide your customer’s value while advertising is a valuable strategy. They can value the humor of a video, the insightfulness of a comprehensive guide, or find a way to incorporate your product/service into their life.

    Simply posting a picture of a pallet of makeup may provide some value. However, showing your followers how to use that pallet in their looks through tutorials is more useful. If they like the content, they’ll do their makeup that way using your products since it turned out good in the video.

  4. Optimize Your Sales Funnel:

    Once your content is made, there are ways to see how it affects your sales funnel. Through tracking information provided by a company like Sharpspring, you can follow the life of your lead moving through the page. This is a main inbound marketing agency lead generation tactic that truly optimizes your sales funnel.

    With this information in your back pocket, you can craft an automation funnel based on factors like lead scoring. Create a more targeted email campaign based on LeadScore ensuring you’re capturing the attention of your leads. Click the link to learn more about ways marketing automation companies are creating automated sales funnels.

  5. Sell Yourself & Form a Connection With The Client:

    “Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows,” said Ben Stein.

    Generating these leads using these strategies is all for one thing: closing the deal. This content won’t be of much value if you can’t close the deal. One of the classic tenets of sales is that the salesperson should sell themselves more than the product. Building rapport with clients makes it better when you’re working together towards a common goal.

    As an inbound marketing agency, our solutions specialists make it a priority to truly understand the needs of our clients. We don’t just try to cram them into one select package. We take the time to get to know the clients, what they want, and research the best ways we can make your business successful.

Inbound Marketing Agency Secrets Conclusion

For more information on ways to generate more leads, check out some other Lead Generation focused content in the blog. To see how Zen Agency can help your business generate more leads via methods like SEO, PPC, and Graphic Design, feel free to contact us and get input from one of our solutions specialists. Don’t hesitate to look into our lead generation services.

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