The Most Practical WooCommerce Extensions That Are Wallet-Friendly


Building an ecommerce store from the ground-up is an exciting, but challenging, experience. You have to worry about sourcing products, having enough capital to stock inventory, being able to properly market your business, successfully fulfilling orders, among many other things. This is why having sufficient capital is paramount when building a new store– you don’t want to drown before you’ve even started swimming. There are stores that have collapsed before selling a single product.

If you have the opportunity to save money, you’re probably happy to take it. Unless, of course, you enjoy spending money unnecessarily– if that’s the case, then this isn’t the blog post for you.

But if you prefer to save money while building your WooCommerce store, then this is definitely the blog post for you. Let’s go over some of the most practical and cost-effective plugins that you can use.


Email order receipts are usually boring and by-the-book. They are essential to running your store, however, and who’s to say that they cannot be more interesting and practical? The Receiptful plugin from WooCommerce has both asked and answered that question with the release of this plugin. This plugin allows you to customize the look and functionality of the emails that you send. You can add promotional discounts, show related products, integrate social profiles and give customers the opportunity to refer someone to your website. You’ll also have analytics to see how well your order receipts are performing. There’s a free version and a paid version.



Social media gives customers the best opportunity to spread the gospel about your business. You don’t want to deprive your customers of that opportunity by neglecting to share your website within their networks. Normal sharing buttons will allow customers to share your products or site with their networks, but they do not show you the analytics behind those shares. AddShoppers is the answer. With AddShoppers, you can know how many visitors, clicks and shares your site gets. You can use the tool for free.

Trustpilot Reviews

When someone buys your product, they need to trust you. One of the best ways to instill trust is to use persuasive power of reviews. Trustpilot Reviews will allow to capitalize on this with its fantastic plugin. It will integrate with your ecommerce store to automatically send a post-purchase email that will request a review from the buyer. The plugin also comes with widgets that will prominently display your reviews on your site. The amount of reviews that you’ll receive will skyrocket, as it’s proven that asking for a review will make it far more likely that you’ll receive one. To download the plugin, you need to create a free trustpilot account.

Live Chat


Customer service is one of the things that you absolutely cannot neglect when having an online store, and the Live Chat plugin is a tool that allows you to provide instantaneous support to your customers. The plugin has a 30-day free trial. After that, prices start at $16 per month.



One of the main concerns that customers have when they purchase something online is the shipping process. Tracking information is crucial because it makes the shipping process transparent. And the Aftership plugin makes it easy for retailers to provide clickable tracking numbers to their customers. Once they click on the tracking number, they’ll see real-time information of the shipping status of their order. This a free plugin.

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