WooCommerce SEO Secrets to Rank High in Google


WooCommerce is a great eCommerce solution for many reasons. But if you’re coming to this blog, you’re well aware of this and want more out of the platform. Well, we have great news. As easy as it is to manage your business from WooCommerce, it’s just as simple to market your products. Check out these WooCommerce SEO secrets that we use when getting our clients to rank high in Google.

Rank High in Google with these WooCommerce SEO Secrets:

  • Find What People Are Searching Using Keyword Research

    You may think that you’re offering one thing. However, your customers call it something else. While the search engine algorithms are getting smarter, sometimes it takes WooCommerce SEO solutions to get Google pointed in the right direction.

    The first thing to do when beginning SEO is to do Keyword Research. It’s pretty well known that Google is the most popular search engine. So why not get the information straight from the horses’ mouth?

    GoogleAds has a very comprehensive Keyword Planner where you can track what keywords cost if you’re looking to go through PPC avenues. The key is that it will provide you options that are related to your keyword and show what search volume they’re getting.

  • Focus on WooCommerce SEO Product Title & Descriptions

    When importing your products/services into WooCommerce, unless you’re selling a tree that grows a hundred dollar bills, you probably have some competition. That is why the last letter of the word SEO (Optimization) is the most important part of SEO strategy.

    Finding your USP (unique selling proposition) about your product/service is what you need to set you apart from the competition. In our blog discussing how to improve your SEO product description, we emphasize the importance of focusing on this. Yet, the most important things to know is when you understand your product, you’ll understand your customer.

    Once you understand your customer, you will know what they’re looking for and be able to generate copy targeted to your niche. This will make you able to take advantage of all the WooCommerce SEO opportunities.

  • Optimize Your Site for Fast Loading Times

    When creating a website, you want people to continue clicking through pages on your site. This way you can funnel them to your call to action. When search engines rank your website, it takes the bounce rate into account.

    Google suggests a high bounce rate is terrible, “if the success of your site depends on users viewing more than one page.” When you’re funneling customers to take a call to action and the pages can’t load properly, this becomes a problem.

    As WooCommerce SEO experts, there are some good places to start. Focusing on resizing and optimizing your images for the web helps keep the quality of the original product photo without obliterating the load time.  You’ll see little to no difference between an 8 MB image and one that’s 500 KB and it will load much faster lowering your bounce rate.


Making your eCommerce operation simplified is one of the bigger benefits of WooCommerce. Yet WooCommerce SEO is something your business should take part in if you want to gain traction in your market. With web development expertise when you want to build your site through WooCommerce and SEO expertise for when you want to take your business to the next level, Zen Agency is there for you.

Contact us to speak with one of our solutions specialists about your need for WooCommerce Experts. For more WooCommerce learning materials, check out our WooCommerce Blog.

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Richard Klein Jr.

Richard Klein Jr. is a Marketing Specialist at Zen Agency. Richard assists clients with their digital marketing, front end web development, and customer service needs on a daily basis. Find out how the rest of our talented team at Zen Agency can serve your needs.

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